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The experts in ensuring your business is fully compliant with Australian / New Zealand Sterilisation Standards

Ensure that your business is completely compliant with healthcare  Sterilisation standards


We collaborate with clients to create and implement strategies to resolve challenges and achieve our clients goals efficiently, effectively, and professionally.

Regardless of which stage you are at, JP Consulting can work with you to minimise risk and ensure you remain compliant with national and international standards, improving consumer safety and satisfaction. This, in turn, helps to build consumer confidence and trust. We take the time to learn everything about your business requirements to ensure we recommend the best and most cost-effective solution. Recommendations are tailored to suit your unique requirements and ensure your compliance with the reprocessing of medical devices and all current ISO Standards.

AS4187 Solutions


Offering consultation in all aspects of the reprocessing of medical devices used in healthcare facilities. Highly experienced in planning and supporting high quality healthcare operations by aligning people, processes and assets. We are resolutely focused on outcomes, shaping healthcare environments and processes which promote efficiency and resiliency.


Audit Current Practices

Audit current practices to ensure that all your documents and records are accurate and up to date and they align with compliant relevant laws, regulations and standards. Any non-conformities can be flagged and the business notified of corrective actions, manage risks effectively and continuously improving your organisation and processes.


Education & Training

It’s important that all relevant healthcare staff know the fundamental requirements for how to effectively use and manage reusable medical devices in healthcare facilities. Training will give learners a good understanding of all relevant aspects of medical device management. This includes maintaining and storage of different types of medical devices, the responsibilities carried by all healthcare organisations, manufacturers, suppliers and staff.

Businesses We Support

Working with numerous healthcare facilities, medical device organisations, suppliers and manufacturers over our 35 + years has equipped us with the experience and knowledge necessary to advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective ways to be completely compliant with current practices in the reprocessing of reusable medical devices.


Suppliers of medical devices


General Practitioners

Public & Private Hospitals


Day Procedure Centres

Ensure your business is Compliant

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